About Delray Recovery

There is no place like home. Delray has been my adopted home since my arrival in late 1987. I have seen this sleepy little town grow into an incredible gentrified metropolis seemingly overnight. Delray has become the toast of South Florida, defying the economic downturn that has negatively affected so many municipalities across the country. It has accomplished this with a continuing influx of never-ending new business, specific restaurants to our main thoroughfare, Atlantic Avenue.

Along with this growth, another business also found its way into Delray; drug treatment. Treatment Centers abound here in Delray and surrounding cities due in part to the attractiveness of the climate. Like many of us non-natives, we are attracted to the warmth and continual sunshine Florida offers. I was attracted to remain here because of the entrenched recovery community long before my arrival. This was in the mid-1980s, and recovery was already recognized as the next chic thing to be a part of. I got in because I needed to save my life. Delray was a huge part of that decision.

The principles of open-mindedness were prevalent, and being honest was easy. Cruising around with bumper stickers, key tags, T-shirts or other adornments telling the world of your recovery was accepted everywhere. Is it still the same? Recovery has grown and evolved. The drug treatment entry industry has grown and evolved. Attitudes about addiction have evolved and changed over time. What are your thoughts, opinions, and, most of all, experiences with being in recovery here in Delray? DelrayRecovery.com is about just that, your recovery experience here in Delray Beach. The site is a vehicle for people to share and vent, and rant. It is an open forum for anyone. It is my hope the site attracts others to learn, share, and grow into a way of life that is meaningful and has value for them and the world we live in.

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