Women who made a contribution to the crypto industry in 2022

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To me, getting to know crypto investing and stepping into this world is such a fortunate coincidence, and I really want to introduce it to more people and invite more talents to join us. Their aim is to change the way girls perceive tech careers, and my aim is the same — I want more ladies in the crypto industry. In 2022 Cointelegraph found out that the number of female crypto users grew by 160% on the majority of top crypto exchanges. To celebrate the massive surge of women into the cryptocurrency space, we wanted to recognize some of the fearless women who are leading the way. Stand with us in celebrating these amazing women for their incredible contributions to the space. Meltem Demirors is the chief strategy officer at CoinShares, a leading digital asset investment firm that manages over $4 billion in investor assets.

Built for women and nonbinary people, Boys Club aims to use online and in-person community events to further learning in a way that more traditional methods, like videos or podcasts, can’t. “BlockFi’s research shows that the gender gap in cryptocurrency exceeds similar gaps in traditional investments such as equities, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, or real estate,” the press release states. Like most crypto professionals at the time, Love had a background working in finance and technology — fields that traditionally skew heavily male. Although her personal experiences as a woman in the business have been positive, she’s troubled by the industry’s demographics. Elizabeth Stark is a blockchain entrepreneur, educator and open-internet advocate.

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She is a former congressional staff member and the former author of Forbes’ The Boring Bitcoin Report. Linda Xie is the former product manager of cryptocurrency exchange giant, Coinbase. Linda has raised a $20 million fund that is investing in blockchain companies in exchange for tokens, with a focus on privacy technology. Boring regularly appears on financial media platforms to discuss digital currency and blockchain topics. Prior to her involvement in the cryptocurrency industry, she served as a television anchor for Prime Interest, an international finance program that reached over 600 million viewers. She is acknowledged for contributing to her company’s growth over the years as its chief strategy officer.


Surge is an organization creating mid-level https://zenwriting.net/ninapetrov/top-6-influenceing-women-in-cryptoal solutions for Web3 builders. In 2014, Cathie set up her stock investment company and called it Ark Invest. She eventually left OKCoin and joined the Chinese mobile video tech firm Yixia Technology as their VP. After leaving her job in TV, she went on to co-found OKCoin, one of the biggest exchanges in the world.

  • The survey tracks changing attitudes since the first and second Women x Crypto surveys, released in September 2021 and March 2022 respectively.
  • The number of female crypto owners rose from 29% in Q3 to 34% in Q4, while male owners inched up from 42% to 43%, according to Etoro’s Q4 Retail Investor Beat.
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  • Elsewhere at Web Summit, it’s not simply politics or attitudes that are affecting inclusion; it’s the technology itself.
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She has over 10 years of experience writing about technology and has been covering the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2017. She is best known as one of the first mainstream reporters to cover digital currencies and is a former Senior Editor for Forbes. Laura also worked as a reporter for Newsweek, a technical writer for the Wall Street Journal and a producer at The New York Times.

Women In Crypto

The organization is also launching an initiative in Africa where it will teach African women to create and sell NFTs. With one of the main pillars of crypto being a decentralized and democratized financial system, an exclusionary industry seems contrary to its founding principles. But the tides are swiftly turning, and female and minority innovators who were previously alienated from the space are pushing the doors of Web3 open. For many, that serves as a gateway to investing in crypto; several attendees have even gone on to get jobs in the industry. Carolyn Reckhow is the Head of Business Development and Strategy at Thesis and Keep Project.


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Another recent report published by the blockchain company CasperLabs in partnership with Zogby Analytics reflected an interest in using blockchain by businesses specifically. Female investors have a more sober financial perspective and so may be less willing to invest in risky assets such as cryptocurrencies, which are usually considered highly volatile. Without sufficient understanding, they are not inclined to invest in crypto assets on a whim. She believes that she wouldn’t have been able to co-found 5ire without her two other founders, who are men. I ask male colleagues to also consider investing with me – the funny thing is if I bring products that are men-founded, they often invest, no problem.