Spoon carving tools

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Spoon carving tools
– Wood carving tools STRYI

It also comes with a full-tang knife, which means the blade runs all the way through the handle. It also comes with a brass ferrule, which looks great, but also resists corrosion well, so it will look great far into the future. It’s a bit on the heavy and large side, but that’s because it’s a premium product. Overall, some people might carve spoons enough to get a good return with this knife, but most people won’t need to spend this much.

Manufacturer guarantees/warranties for power tools, CNC and laser products will supersede the Rockler Guarantee if these items are damaged or defective. For these items, please call the store where you purchased them or our customer service department at so we can assist you. The plastic sheaf for the straight blade is great for keeping the blade from being dinged when in storage.

Swedish Spoon Carving Tools

The grind isn’t great, the 164 has a useless and frankly dangerous point at the end and the two edges of the 162 stops you from using several very useful grips. I bought this as a gift for my father who has recently started making wooden spoons with out the right tools.

chip carving knives

For the inside curve some #2000 grit sandpaper on a wooden rod of appropriate size for the internal diameter. Or the same wooden rod with a little Autosol on the stick as a stop, and even better some fine leather wrapped around the stick with the Autosol in that as an even better strop.

A single edge blade can be tough or a dream to work with because it limits left handed people to only push cuts or strictly pull cuts for right handed people. This is the one tool where I’m going to give several options. I really like the open sweep and the size is great for a wide variety of spoon bowls. I would advise staying away from the Mora spoon knives (162 and 164).

You’ll find a world of possibilities for carving your own kitchen spoons and spatulas that can range from unadorned elegance to implements of dazzling detail. Carved spoons can be made from green wood and are perfect projects to utilize branch sized material from the yard & woods.

To hollow the spoon’s bowl, I use hook knives specifically made for carving spoons, but you can hollow your spoon with a carving gouge. The suggested retail for the Single Bevel Sloyd Hook Knife is $74.95, the Double Bevel Sloyd Hook Knife is $79.95, and the Spoon Carvin’ Jack is $124.95. Supplying all the tools you need for carving a spoon from a roughed-out blank, this knife has a compact folding design that shields its keen edges when slipped into a pocket. Each blade is hand forged from O1 tool steel, with a temper finish along the back and a fine-polished edge.

I don’t know if Morakniv mkes a left hand hook knife. Knife was sharp when I receive it and the hook knife. We hope that our reviews have helped you better understand what makes for a great hook knife and that you’ve been able to find the model which is right for you. Spoon carving is an easy craft for beginners to undertake successfully. Once you complete your first carved spoon, you may find that whittling out such a simple, yet immensely useful object is just plain relaxing & maybe even a little bit habit forming!

  • That already makes it a great deal versus the sea of other hook knives which rapidly wear down.
  • Use them to stir sauces, dole out rice and beans, then forget about them.
  • Make light relief cuts, breaking the fibers toward your outline.
  • The Straight Blade Knife is used primarily for shaping the back of the spoon, the neck, and the handle.
  • Although I’ve already used the try square to layout some tenons on a white oak table I’m building (within minutes of delivery), I’m almost afraid to store it with my other layout tools.
  • We think that you should be able to shop with confidence online, which is why our straightforward reviews are designed with the end user in mind.

You can get it for about half of what you’d pay for the top two models on our list. That makes this model the best overall value for the money on our list. If you’re looking to get into spoon carving, but don’t want to invest in a premium model just yet, then you’ll be very happy with this knife.

I’m right-handed and keep my feet spread apart with my right leg dropped down behind me. That way an errant blow from the hatchet doesn’t glance off the stump into my leg. Having the proper stance also brings you better balance and more power in your hatchet strokes. Some spoons are made from “crooks,” sections of bent limb-wood, or places where a limb meets the trunk or a larger limb. These are some of the most challenging spoons, but can be the most successful.

If you have then you know it practically takes a lifetime to accomplish. Granted, it CAN be done, but if you want the bowl of a spoon to have a smooth finish then I suggest getting the best spoon carving knife (a.k.a. “hook knife”) to do it. The absolute best spoon carving knife for your money is the Mora 106. The long blade allows for powerful sweeping cuts.

SET Spoon Carvers

BeaverCraft Chip Carving Knife C2

This model frequently doesn’t come sharp, which is a pain to deal with, especially for beginners. It’s equally as easy to sharpen as other models, but it seems to come dull a greater percentage of the time.

The thin tips lets you carve tight corners and the laminated steel holds its edge well. It’s inexpensive and widely available.’Nuff said.

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One nice thing about spoons is that you get another chance to get it right in just a couple of hours or less. Another nice thing is that you can do most of it – other than the hatchet work – anywhere; you don’t really need a dedicated shop space.

Ideally, spoon carving is a green woodworking craft. You can experiment with a great range of local woods, usually free. I’ve used apple, pear, cherry, rhododendron, birch, lilac, olive, mulberry, beech, maple and others. Fruitwoods are the nicest; among them, apple is my favorite.

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